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New! A cycle of works in a new project that precedes the release of a large art project 

"Stories of AndrBel's Dreams" 


"28 floors of dreams + 3333 rooms of AndrBel's dreams"


All My Art Works Are Presented / Exist In The Form Of NFT And You Can Watch And Buy On OpenSea, Foundation, SuperRare, Rarible, NiftyGateway, Gallery.So And Other Platforms


In 2023-24, Stay Tuned, There Will Be An Exhibition Of My Works In Galleries In Milan-Tokyo-New York (There Are Agreements With A Gallery In Barcelona And I Am Negotiating With Other Cities), There Will Be Works That You Can See On The NFT Art Of Mine And Completely New.



And Most Importantly! Work Is Underway On My Art Collection, It’s Even Better To Say With The Project "Andrbel's Book Of Dreams (42 Floors Of The House With 3333 Rooms Of Andrbel's Dreams)" Where Not Only New Art Works With Great Depth And Penetration, But Also Poetry-Prose. This Project Is In The Form Of A Book-Album In 7 Languages, All Works From The Project Will Come Out As A Separate NFT Collection On OpenSea For Minting.

I think everything will be ready in 2024 for printing and release. According to the art materials, everything is ready, I am finalizing the texts and descriptions. I plan exhibitions in this project with the simultaneous sale of art books, albums and souvenirs. Presentations and exhibitions will be held in several capitals and cities.



Publication of a scientific art book. Now I'm working on it. I am plunging into the world of the still unknown and I want to help take at least one step closer, or you can say I can push someone to take a step into the future ... but I can’t reveal much from this, it’s still early. But I assure you that it will be exciting, exciting for everyone .... I always loved mathematics and numbers ...

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"I want to convey my emotions, my world, which I transmit through my works to people. Someone will like them, someone will think, someone will pick or touch something inside, someone will be reminded of something, someone will discover something new...  "  AndrBel